I discovered jade stone and it colors variety as I was studying gemology in Bangkok. At first it was the fine sculptured multicolor carvings 16ja003-dragon-jade-profilthat attracted my attention. It’s the only stone with chalcedony that is regularly carved and the quality of the carving has also a lot to do with its value.

Chinese people have been carving jade for centuries and made real piece of art out of it. They often carve Buddhism symbols or its myths scene. Chinese zodiacal signs are also often represented.

 Rough stones are often driving the artist creation: his work has to take out stone impurities and enlighten the best part of the stone and its color. Some renowned artists sign their creations and are famous all over China.

I selected my carvings the same way I would have selected a painting…

Each carving is provided with an independent gem lab report.

I can also provide on order imperial jade cabochons and rough stones: contact me.

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